Old Fella Is Here to Stay

Visual Basic 6.0 seems to be indestructible.

Windows 8 officially offers support for Visual Basic 6 run-time and limited support for it's IDE (yes, believe it or not, it still works).

For those counting, that means end-of-life earliest at year 2022. Since it was created in year 1998 that gives an impressive 24 years of support. Name me one language that had longer support for single version. Yes, Marc, I know of Visual C++. Name me some other. :)

First program I ever sold (and quite a few afterward) was written in this beautiful language. It was not powerful. It was not fast. It was not even sensible at times. But it got job done and that is what counts.

While I am happy with my current choice of C# I cannot but smile at simpler times and language that marked them. May it live forever (or until Windows 9, whichever comes first).

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