VHD Attach 3.30

VHD Attach is updated once more.

One personal annoyance is finally fixed. It was always difficult for me to find auto-mounted disks. I auto-mount them right after installation and then, month later, I cannot find where they are exactly. Now all those disks will be added to list of recently used files.

With that sorted out I proceeded with adding taskbar progress for creation of fixed drive. Funny thing that someone who wrote how easy adding it to your application can be took sweet time to do it himself. Regardless of shame, now operation progress can be checked with just quick taskbar glance.

For detail-obsessed there is parsing of dynamic disk header. Not much, but it will make someone happy.

Of course there was some generic bug bashing but let's not get into it.

Check pages for download or use built-in upgrade.

[2012-05-31: Yes, there is bug-fix out already. :)]

3 thoughts to “VHD Attach 3.30”

  1. Hi,

    first I wanted to say thanks for this nice tool. Much, much more straight forward tu use than any ‘built-in’ way to achieve this.

    I only have one (hopefully small) wish: I would love to see an option to assign a drive letter from the command line, since I rely on specific drive letters in various batch files that mount and access VHDs.
    Would be great, if you find the time to implement this.


    1. Do notice that Windows will remember last assigned drive letter once you manually set it in Disk Management. That will work for any disk, including virtual one.

      I will add possibility to change drive letter from within application in 3.50 (hopefully in month or two) but command-line setting will have to wait.

      There are quite a few timing issues between Windows and VHD Attach and I would not like to add anything as command-line option unless I can guarantee that it will work as it should.

      1. I think I ran into these timing issues myself using diskpart for mounting in my batch files. The solution was quite simply to use two subsequent diskpart calls instead of only one. The first one for attaching the VHD, the second one, that gets called after the first one finished, for assigning the drive letter. Maybe something remotely similar could be done from within your application. Using diskpart this works reliably. The only real drawback of this method are the UAC prompts that pop up every time, that’s where your nice little tool comes into play.

        Even if you don’t find the time to implement this, thanks for considering it at all. The option to change drive letters in the gui, although not too helpful in my scenario, will definitely be pretty nifty too.

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