Using IPC-3605N Without EaZy Wizard

MagiWOL importMy laptop has no DVD drive since I removed it a while ago in order to get another hard drive in. Therefore I was little bit unprepared when I bought myself ZyXEL IPC-3605N camera. User guide told me I have to run tool found on CD that I could not read.

I am lazy, so first I tried to download that tool (eaZy Wizard) from ZyXEL pages. Only when I could not find it anywhere (thank you ZyXEL for forcing users to keep CD around) I decided upon more imaginative solutions.

Since manual did mention some addresses in 192.168.0.x range and that range being most often used, I set my laptop's wired network adapter to and connected camera directly to it. Than I used MagiWOL's import functionality to scan network for all MAC addresses in range That resulted in single hit - my camera was at

After finding out IP address, all I had to do was to enter this IP in browser and use "admin"/"1234" as user/password combination (not "admin"/"admin" as user manual suggested). With that I could proceed with setting-up configuration.

And CD was left forgotten.

6 thoughts to “Using IPC-3605N Without EaZy Wizard”

  1. Thanks for the solution! I lost my eaZy Wizard installation CD but wanted to set up the camera again. It doesn’t look like ZyXEL has made the eaZy Wizard available to download so I shall write them a letter.

  2. You can go to:
    Then scroll down to the directory of your device’s model number (IPC-3605N)
    This page also has all the user/start-up guides, setup utilities and the latest firmware for ALL of ZyXEL’s products (routers, NSAs, camera etc.).

  3. I installed the 3605 and used the user name and password I had for the zyxel website. Since they are no longer around, that password will not operate the camera. I tried the admin and admin and that does not work. How do I get the password changed?


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