VHD Attach 3.00 Beta 2

It is time for second 3.00 beta. You might have noticed that there was no post about first beta at all - I forgot to write it. :)

Most notable update for 3.00 is addition of virtual disk creation. It currently allows creating only dynamic disks but fixed disks will also be supported in future.

Setup is changed a little in order to offer selection of context-menu items before application is even started. That way you can use your favorite combination from first run.

Due to popular demand there is in-application check for upgrade. It will not check automatically but only upon user's request. In next few weeks I will push few test upgrades so keep on checking.

There is lot of small cosmetic adjustments. Like switching focus to Explorer upon attaching Bit Locker drive or drag&drop support in main window. And lets not forget that those who love analyzing virtual disks just got few more details about VHD.

Download is available on VHD Attach beta page.

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