8 Grams of Bullshit

My last visit to McDonald I noticed that my meal has "8 grams of whole wheat" printed on package. I was quite surprised to see US company use Système international d'unités to express how much of health they pack in the box.

To put things into perspective 8 grams is almost 4 times less than legal amount of marijuana in California. That whole grain thing is really potent stuff indeed.

While someone might say that McDonald is not doing anything wrong and that this is just reporting fact I would not agree. I think that this is pure game of numbers that targets USA citizens that quite often have no feeling what grams are (as I have no feeling for ounces). This is pure sham intended to represent their food as a healthy choice.

McDonald food is probably the next best thing one can do to his body after a car crash and that probably holds true for fast food in general. Of course I will grab occasional meal or two because I don't have time for anything better and because (shame) I do like taste of it. Just please stop bullshitting be. Let my cholesterol rise in peace.

P.S. For my SI challenged USA friends 8 grams is 0.28 ounces. :)

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