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What to do when you are stranded in foreign land and you have an fax to send? As always Internet brings solution to a problem.

My search gave me lot of results for Fax subscription but very few that allow simple one-time sending. Even worse, most of those that do allow single payment had issues with my Croatia-issues credit card. After long search I did found one that I could use.

FaxZero.com has rather simple page where you can opt to do single send (with ads or with payment) and their subscription. I tried sending single .pdf files with payment and everything works as expected. Once your fax is uploaded, you are taken to PayPal. As soon as payment is completed your fax is in sending queue. It does take some time to send a fax but you will get confirmation on your e-mail. It does everything you would expect of fax service.

However, there is dark side to this. As soon as I sent my fax via FaxZero, I started getting new spam. It amounted to total of ten or so spams before my spam filters started working again. Yes, it might be just coincidence that those spam e-mails started arriving as soon as I gave my address away. But my experience teaches me that real coincidence is rare thing.

My final verdict about this service is to use it nevertheless. Just be sure to get yourself some throw-able e-mail that you can close once fax is sent.

3 thoughts to “Fax 0”

  1. I have seen the fax 0 internet faxing service review and this is a really good review. I have not used their service before as I have been using internet faxing for long time and their service is simply awesome. No set up fee required. No monthly cost and really easy installation. I am very happy to use their service.

    1. Yes, but they do require you to purchase $10 package at minimum. Sending single fax would thus cost $10 while Fax 0 offers same service for $2.

  2. FaxZero is a cheap solution, but you get what you pay for. For just a bit more you can get a lot more features with other services like RingCentral or MyFax. Nonetheless, FaxZero is a good solution for anyone who just needs a basic service, nothing fancy. eFax also works for people outside of the US but is pricier. Great review!

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