I was in airplane few days ago and we were late (of course). After some twenty minutes of waiting captain told us what happened:

Sorry for wait but airplane in front of us managed to hit some birds during takeoff. We are still waiting for someone to pick up remains.

At that moment you could see difference between frequent travelers and some lady that was there for the first time. Most of travelers made no notice of this announcement, some of them were smiling and few were even laughing (unsurprisingly I was in last group).

Lady was scared. What she probably heard was that we are waiting for someone to pick up remains of airplane in front of us. In any case airplane got rolling and some gentlemen siting next to her took some time explaining exact situation so rest of flight went fine.

This only shows that understanding message highly depends on personal context and that care should be exercised in choosing exact wording. Whether it is airplane announcement or critical error text that users might see.

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