One Man’s Feature, Another Man’s Annoyance

Being programmer I need to do send executable files a lot. However my mail client, Google Mail, does not like this. Since it check for executable files is done even in zipped archives, easiest solution for me was to use my trusty WinRAR. Google had no idea that .exe was hidden inside it.

Not any more. Google now supports RAR archives also. While that does help with preview, it also enables Google to check my RAR files for executables. And to annoy me with “Our system detected an illegal attachment on your message.”

Now only way to send executables is to change archive extension to e.g. rarx… Annoyances…

3 thoughts to “One Man’s Feature, Another Man’s Annoyance”

    1. I did, it works… but it also means that I need to explain myself in a mail… and I am too lazy for that…
      For now I am going on *.ra_ path…

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