Thanks Microsoft

I reinstalled my machine and I had to install some of my tools. To keep things simple, I just went to download them from my own site. I was somewhat surprised at a warning: "vhdattach201.exe is not commonly downloaded and it could harm your computer". I made this program but now even I wasn't sure whether something has gone wrong.

So I checked everything. And yes, there is nothing wrong with my programs. It is just that some fool in Microsoft decided that what we need is another warning.

I cannot even start to comprehend what this will solve. If utility with couple of thousand downloads triggers this behavior so will lot of other people's programs. Users will see this warning couple time through day. And they will ignore it. What IE 9 brought us is just another dialog that we will not read.

One thought to “Thanks Microsoft”

  1. Well, I didn’t get a warning for VHDattach, but admittedly I used Chrome and not IE9 to download it :-) This is a very nice tool, thanks. And I just found that I will also love your “summae” for MD5. The IE9 security business isn’t too bad, as soon as some folks downloaded VHDattach it will be noted as “clean” – for details see the IEBLOG (last 100 days, after the IE9 RTM).

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