It’s Not Natty, It Is Nutty

On my "standard" work day I interact with Unix a lot so it seemed like a logical solution to have Linux on my machine. I used Ubuntu 10.10 and world was beautiful. Yes, some things did bother me but it worked. And after work I could always enjoy Windows 7.

Two days ago I upgraded to newest Ubuntu (11.04, nicknamed Natty). After upgrade boot seemed a little slow so I decided to do what I should have done first time - clean install. I spent one full day on fresh installation of Nutty and here are some problems I had in span of eight hours:

  • If your secondary monitor is on left, it is almost impossible to pinpoint single dot at which Unity launcher will appear.
  • Turning off auto-hide for Unity launcher causes it to be over all maximized windows and to hide their left side.
  • Applications closed without warning and without any form of crash dialog. Since this includes even calculator, I would dare to suggest that new Unity interface is to blame.
  • Once system started swapping it took Ctrl+Alt+F1 and top command to find that compiz took whooping 4.5 GB of RAM (out of 6 GB).
  • LibreCalc died every five minutes while editing relatively simple document. Recovery worked in almost 50% of cases.
  • Laptop could not wake from sleep.
  • Network connection was breaking every half an hour or so.
  • Booting took ages - easily double the time that 10.10 needed.
  • ... do notice that there was a lot of smaller problems still ...

I started using Linux it in nineteens with Slackware and went through my share of different distributions. I was never completely satisfied and people working with me know that I curse Linux a lot because of small bugs. But this is first time ever that I was actually unable to do my work. At the end I just rebooted into Windows XP (company issued) and did my work there.

My next step will be to take out this Natty piece of shit from laptop and to go back to Ubuntu 10.10.

P.S. I actually liked search interface in Unity. Unfortunately everything else sucks.

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