Fujitsu and Search

I needed some Windows 7 drivers for Fujitsu LifeBook S710. At first glance support page looked promising.

It asked for serial number and I gave it one but this hasn't worked for some reason. However, I did got link to Fujitsu tool that reads your system and it promised that it will take me to correct page. I executed it and it got me back where I started. Tool just read serial number and it redirected me to the same page that failed me first time.

I would have gone through model selection but that part of page was also broken. It just kept showing single item: "Please select the product line". I spent quite some time having fun making circles around Fujitsu web pages. I found driver's bits here and there but some of them haven't worked at all and some of them were meant for other notebook models. It took some googling to find useful product search page that gave proper list of drivers.

When manufacturer shows that level of laziness and lack of quality control, it really inspires confidence in it's computers.

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