When I turn on my computer, I like for it to turn on fast. This usually means disabling unnecessary services with SQL Server being usually the one that slows startup the most. However, few of those services get used through out a day. Until now that meant dealing with services MMC snap-in and UAC prompts. Well, not any more.

Seobiseu is application that, once installed, allows starting and stopping services from user account. For that you have simple window interface and nice tray ("notification area") menu.

The way it is done is via system service that proxies all requests from user land to service controller. While this does lower security a little, I deem it worthy compromise since service isn't able to do anything other than start and stop operation.

P.S. Name is Korean translation of word service (phonetically read). It sounds nice to me and I do like quite a few things about South Korea so it seemed like perfect choice.

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