Not the Funniest Joke I’ve Ever Told (To a Three-year-old)

This is last time I retell joke that Raymond Chen recommends. He wrote that most funniest joke to tell to three/four year old is:

There were two kittens walking down the street, and one of them fell on its butt!

Maybe something got lost in translation (since I did use Croatian to tell this joke). Maybe I am just not that good at telling jokes. Maybe I have children that are too much into bad cop / good cop style of questioning. All I know is that it took me a while to escape:

  • Why kitten fell?
  • Where was their mommy?
  • What did it brake?
  • Were they crying?
  • ...

And list goes on and on. There was no laughter but there were questions. And since I brought subject up I had to answer them all. Those with kids know how long this "Why?" game can last...

You might be good with all Windows peculiarities Mr. Raymond but this is last time I take joke advice from you. :)

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