In the Year 2010…

I like statistics and start of new year always brings opportunity to summarize previous one. :)

There were 132 new posts for year 2010 and around 40% were about programming. Next 30% were about virtualization, SQL and general IT topics. Rest of posts were either me presenting new versions of my programs (MagiWOL, QText and VHD Attach) or being annoyed over something.

Total number of page views was around 65,000 which is quite an improvement over 20,000 that was for last year. Total number of visits that I saw was around 54,000. Search engines still bring me around 75% of traffic with Google as a clear winner (over 70%). U.S. visitors are strong at 30% with all other countries bringing less than 10% to the table. My own country (Croatia) is not even within first 10.

Internet Explorer is winner with 39% (same as last year) with Firefox being close second with 35% (43% last year). My personal favorite Chrome is at 19% (from 10% last year). 95% of my visitors are running Windows (62% being Windows 7).

Judging by the number of visits, most interesting posts for last year were instructions on screen replacement for HTC S740 and setting up debugging on HTC Desire.

Year 2010 was also last one on Blogger platform. This post starts new era of self-hosted WordPress. Let's see what else this year brings us.

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