A Piece of Shit

First, some clarifications: I am HP man, I always was. My current laptop is HP, my wife's laptop is HP, my previous laptop was HP, my printer is HP...

When it came time to replace my trusty HP nx9030 I tried to find best laptop in reasonable price range. I thought that I found it in HP 6730b. It had decent processor, lot of memory (4 GB), nice screen... Only thing I found wrong with it was keyboard design where they jammed Home, PgUp, PgDown, etc. keys in vertical line at right side. It wasn't as nice as almost-standard placement on 9030 but I could live with it.

I should have seen trouble when I managed to scratch it's scratch-proof surface. Next thing to go was power adapter. After that my screen went crazy. Then another power adapter went down. Then it started to go crazy. It would reboot without warning (and no, it wasn't Windows' fault). My guess is that it overheats. Although that doesn't explain why capacitive keys at top (volume, wireless, etc.) sometime turnoff until next reboot. Booting from USB is broken for last few BIOS revisions - to do USB install I need to downgrade... And trust me, these are things that I hate the most - I will not event get into a lot of small issues. Only thing that works correctly is keyboard - no, wait, I had to replace that also...

I owned this laptop for little bit over two years now and I still cannot trust it. It just keeps failing me. It might be me, it might be my particular laptop, it might be whole series. I just know that I am utterly disappointed.

Bright side?

There is single bright point in whole situation - HP support. Guys were more than helpful with all these problems and did their fair share of fixing. They are only reason I would even consider HP again.

[2011-02-20: Guess what? Laptop is dead again. I would guess that whole charging circuit on laptop went kaboom. Good news is that power adapter seems to be ok...]

[2011-03-22: As soon as I said that HP support is only bright side, I should have known that this will turn bad. I got laptop from last service and from plastic seemed little bit "wobbly". When I opened case I saw that four screws keeping plastic were missing altogether. Laptop is working without them but my trust in HP support is shaken.]

[2011-03-31: Yes, I am selling this laptop. Interested?]

7 thoughts to “A Piece of Shit”

  1. I think you have bad luck with that laptop. At work we have about 50 of them and I have never seen one with problems other then users that made a mess of the software. Or loose powersupply’s, cable’s, dongels, you name it, they loose it. (He, I don’t have to pay for it, it’s from the boss, who cares, they all seem to think)

    But that is a different story. Problems like yours I have never encountert so I think you just have bad luck with this laptop. By the way, I work at the servicedesk so if there would be a problem with that model, I would have known.
    I cannot remember one single laptop that failed.

      1. Wow, it’s unlucky to talk about this… this week I got two machines back with strange problems. And just after I told you we had no problems…

  2. umm… sve super do “I owned this laptop for little bit over two years now and I still cannot trust it.”

    wait, what? 2 godine se patis s tim?! trebao si na drugom problemu ga dat popravit i odmah frknut na njuskalu… naucih odavno, kad je nesto sjebano onda mu nema pomoci do novog uredjaja

    reference: http://www.mentallyincontinent.com/article299.html

  3. I really hate this laptop as well as HP. In South Africa Hp do not care at all!! A lot of pc places are taking all their HP products off their shelves. I have had endless problems with adapters, shuts down when it feels like it and then can’t get it even into BIOS for many days. Very fustrating when you have your work on these totally unreliable laptops. I have always preferred desktops, at least you could fix the problem yourself. Thinking this was a good package, I will never ever buy HP again after much stress they have caused me. Not always sure when its going to work, which is only about 20% of the time. I feel like breaking it into little pieces, placing it in a large envelope and posting it to HP telling them off!! But not that that would help. They just don’t care. Just sell the product first, make their money and provide a crap service after. I’m not one to get angry, but this has me furious!!!

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