Wireless Wake on LAN

While roaming through TechNet (yes, I do have weird habbits), I stumbled upon explanation how wireless Wake-On-LAN (WoWLAN) can be used with Windows 7.

Since I often connect to my network from far-far-away, I do have a way to wake networked computers. Using MagiWOL and having them connected via cable is perfectly fine. Issue here is that not all my computers are connected via cable.

This article gave me perfect solution. Unfortunately, Broadcom card in my laptop (HP 6730b) was not capable of this. There is some power management included but not a waking ability. This came to me as surprise.

This is rather new computer and Broadcom does create network cards that have this ability (just check Apple's computers). I would bet that even my card internally supports this. However, PC manufacturers are lazy bunch. If nobody is forcing them, there is no way that they will include new stuff in driver by them-self.

Where that leaves us? Well, my personal opinion is that Microsoft should mandate wireless wake-on-LAN for it's WHQL driver testing. Only once they start to require it, some improvement will be done.

And, now, historical moment - first question ever on this blog!

Does anybody have a Windows 7 computer with Wireless wake-on-LAN capable network adapter?

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