QText 2.30

After more than a year, new version of QText is finally out of beta. That time was spent mostly on rearranging internals which is not really visible but I do have few changes that should make you want upgrade.

Probably most desired request was to be able to hide tabs. This is something that I postponed for quite a while, but time has come. Since QText tries to keep underlying files readable with any program, this change was done via flipping file's hidden attribute.

Second big change is ability to detect changes in open files. It was implemented in different ways through-out beta until I finally settled on this implementation.

Additional improvement for those running QText in corporate environment is that, when QText is started without installation, no settings are saved to registry. Program should leave no traces on computer. Unfortunately this means that no settings can be saved but this is necessary trade-off.

Program can be downloaded as full installation and as zip archive (for no-trace setup).

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