I’m on the Market

My first Android applications are out in-the-wild.

I will list them here:

  • Poštanski broj will allow you to search through all places in Croatia in order to find their post number, geographic location or just to view map of their surrounding.
  • Praznik will give you overview which holiday comes next in Croatia.
  • Rođoš makes use of existing birthday field in contacts and shows them all in one place.

As you might guess, user interface is in Croatian. Fortunately all applications are quite simple so usage for non-Croatian speakers should also be possible. English version might come in future but that highly depends on my free time.

2 thoughts to “I’m on the Market”

  1. How do I find application “Rođoš” on Android Market? I have found other two applications, and they are great. Maybe I can’t find it becouse of my HTC Tattoo (there are many application that don’t work on screen resolution 240 x 320 pixels and I can’t see them in Android Market).

    1. It should work on 240×320 without problems. Try searching for Rodjos.
      P.S. You need to have 2.1 in order for this application to work. Older Android versions simply do not support birthday field. :(

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