Some Things Never Change

I played a little with Windows Phone 7. I will save my opinions about Windows 7 as development platform for some other post. This time I want to rant about one thing that survived even into new and polished Windows Mobile.

I am not sure what situation is in USA, but in Europe we tend to have more than one mobile phone. I have two of them. Quite few people that I know also have two mobiles. My sister has total of four.

Excessive? Maybe. However, this is reality for parts of world that are not "mobile challenged".

Windows Phone 7 does not recognize that reality. There is only one field for Mobile phone entry. I usually use Pager as substitute field (pagers never took hold here) but that way you lose ability to quickly send SMS and anyhow that trick is good for only one additional mobile. What with others?

Windows Phone 7 is probably singled out without reason since I do not recall any Windows Mobile version that worked "properly". Problem is actually much deeper and has root in Outlook and Exchange. Until those two start their life in 21st century nothing will change.

Sometimes I miss my good old Nokia.

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