I Forgot :)

I was having a beer with some friends in Berlin and talk came to Avatar. Yes, that 3D movie that everyone is so fascinated with. I had one more night to fill in Berlin so I decided to go and see what is that all about.

Unfortunately, there was no show playing on Wednesday (my last day in Berlin). Fortunately, I have friends who know German and she was kind enough to find a show that night and to reserve a seat for me. :)

As soon as I left U-Bahn station and went into Sony Center, I was amazed. I spent a lot of time in Berlin last few months and I cannot believe what I have missed. Yes, I was on Potsdamer Platz before, but it was during day time. I had no idea how beautiful it looks during night hours.

I got ticket for my first IMAX 3D movie, bought a pretzel and I was ready to see some 3D action. As lights dimmed I placed glasses on my nose and got ready to enjoy movie. Movie started and I could hear unprovoked wow from some girls behind me. After few more wows I was puzzled. There was nothing that interesting on screen.

I took me few more wows before remembering that I have diagnosis of congenital strabismus. I was diagnosed with it at age of four but I cannot say that it bothered me too much. It really has only one consequence - no depth perception. As you may guess, it is very hard to see anything in 3D when your eyes are not used to work together. To make it short - 3D was not working for me.

I spent rest of movie trying to get my eyes aligned. Not an easy task considering that I haven't manage to do this for my whole life. Of course, I failed.

Nevertheless, it was an interesting experience and night well spent. :)

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