VHD Attach 1.50

It has been a while since I released VHD Attach. It worked perfectly for me and, judging from comments on Internet, for quite a few other people.

One thing that gave me most grief was necessity of going through UAC prompts. This "feature" is gone now. VHD Attach will install itself as service during setup and thus all UAC prompts will be avoided.

Another feature long overdue is ability to work properly on Windows 7 that are not of English descent. Although most of features weren't affected, this is definitely step forward.

You can download new version here.

One thought to “VHD Attach 1.50”

  1. Hey Medo, I just found your link to this great resource on Ben Armstronng’s Vitual PC Guy’s Weblog. It’s Awesome! Thank you for sharing it!

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