QText 2.30 (Beta 1)

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Feb 212010

This was mostly clean-up of QText. Lot of common modules were changed with new versions and general bug-fixing was done. I did my best not to break something and hopefully I succeeded in that. Some new features did manage to get in and I will here introduce two of them.

Open containing folder is added on tab’s context menu. It will allow you to open folder directly in explorer. It may come handy when one needs to export file to another location.

Another feature long over due is copy/paste as text. It is added on text’s context menu and it will finally allow you to strip clipboard content of all formatting either before copy or after paste.

Download and try it.

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  1. Hey just a note to say “thanks”. I’ve used QText for years, its one of the first things I install on a PC. I then move it’s folder to inside my dropbox folder, so my notes are synced to all my pcs.

    FYI I’ve been using 2.30 beta 1 since it came out and haven’t had any probs.

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