Il Ritrovo-Cucina Casalinga Popolare


Wühlischstraße 29,
10245 Berlin
N52.50957 E13.45804

Location is at corner and during summer whole sidewalk is filled with tables. There are some tables inside but it is just too hot to sit if you come during sunny day. Whole place does look a little bit shabby.


I had pizza that will remain unnamed and I do hope that my forgiveness wasn't side effect of eating it. On other hand, it may be worth of this little nuisance since pizza was quite good. I cannot say that it was best in Berlin since I haven't check all other places, but I must admit that it was best pizza I had lately (in any country).


Pizza is around 8 € which is not too expensive when you take quality into calculation. Beer at 3 € is quite costly but those German beers (I had Berliner) flow so nicely that is impossible to mind too much.


I'll be back.

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