Visual Studio and WPF

Visual Studio 2010 really shines with its new WPF interface. Side effect of this is relying little bit more on your graphics card. If graphics driver has a bug, you have a problem.

It seems that nobody at Microsoft tested their Visual Studio 2010 beta 1 with Intel's GE45 integrated graphics. At least once per hour I get "Display driver stopped responding and had recovered" balloon. While this is not end of world, it is pretty annoying.

While this is probably driver problem, I cannot help but to put some blame on Microsoft since only application that ever caused this bug was Visual Studio 2010. Of course I need to blame myself a little also, since I am the one using both Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010 in their beta stage.

[2009-07-22: New Intel graphics driver is issued over Windows Update with June 2009 markings. It seems that this driver solves problem. I used it for few hours straight without any issues. I do hope it stays that way.]

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