Jun 082009

Visual Studio 2010 really shines with its new WPF interface. Side effect of this is relying little bit more on your graphics card. If graphics driver has a bug, you have a problem.

It seems that nobody at Microsoft tested their Visual Studio 2010 beta 1 with Intel’s GE45 integrated graphics. At least once per hour I get “Display driver stopped responding and had recovered” balloon. While this is not end of world, it is pretty annoying.

While this is probably driver problem, I cannot help but to put some blame on Microsoft since only application that ever caused this bug was Visual Studio 2010. Of course I need to blame myself a little also, since I am the one using both Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010 in their beta stage.

[2009-07-22: New Intel graphics driver is issued over Windows Update with June 2009 markings. It seems that this driver solves problem. I used it for few hours straight without any issues. I do hope it stays that way.]

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