I accidentally "de-enterized" keyboard on my laptop (HP 6730b). Somehow one CD left in my backpack managed to get under my enter key. Plastic beneath could not handle pressure and small piece went off. Although that piece had less than two millimeters in length, my enter key would not stay in it's place with it missing.

Solution was simple and new keyboard (~40 €) arrived in two weeks (it may seem long, but this is quick for Croatia). Once I decided that I was competent enough to replace it, I took a look at documentation on how to do it.

I was surprised - not only that there was great manual, but there were also videos on how to perform small-scale part replacements.

Keyboard was replaced in less than ten minutes without a hitch. I finally got my enter key back and good feeling about Hewlett-Packard. Although they did nothing other than put some documents on-line, those documents were so good that they made me happy customer.

My next laptop will also be HP.

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