After quite a long time there is beta version of QText out. [2009-03-19: Beta is closed, final is out.]

Most of improvements had to do with interface changes in order to make it look and behave nicer on Windows Vista. One of areas which improved greatly is support for high dpi modes.

64-bit systems are now supported fully (this may have some connection with me getting 64-bit laptop :)) and you can now use Rich text format if you cannot live without bolds, italics and similar decorations.

There are few more changes but I will leave you to check them yourself.

You can download installer here. [2009-03-19: Beta is closed, final is out.]

One thought to “QText”

  1. Issues:
    1) If old instance of QText is running, windows will ask you for restart.
    2) QText is not started automatically after setup.
    3) You may need to check “Run on Windows startup” again.

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