UART Framework Expansion Card


This is an Framework laptop expansion card allowing for 3.3V TTL serial communication. 3.3V TTL signals can be connected to its JST XH connector or just by using standard 0.1" jumper cables.

Only 3-pin 3.3V TTL interface is supported (RXD GND TXD). Please note this adapter is not isolated, thus misconnecting anything other than GND to the middle pin might damage the expansion card and/or the laptop itself. Proceed with caution. If in doubt, disconnect the AC power before testing connection as this will allow laptop's ground to "float". Once you test it all, you can reconnect the mains.

All units are hand-soldered, tested for functionality, and enclosed in 3D printed case.

Price: $30 (contact me to order)
Shipping: Free within continental USA
Package content:
1x Expansion card
1x 10-pin female-female jumper cable
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