LongwaveTime HAT Kit

This is a HAT for Raspberry Pi allowing for WWVB, DCF77, MSF, and JJY time signal emulation in manner equivalent to the Henner Zeller's TxTempus project.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Needed: 15 minutes
Price (kit): $20

Please note this board is not a stand-alone device but requires either Raspberry Pi (2+) or Raspberry Pi Zero to function. It contains no active components and derives clock from Rasberry Pi it connects to. It's intended for testing and experimentation. Do not interfere with the official time signal.

Package Contents

1x PCB
1x 2x20-pin connector
1x 100 nF capacitor (0805)
1x 470 Ω resistor (0805)
2x 5.1 kΩ resistors (0805)
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