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This is a fully isolated card allowing for communication with CyberPower UPS devices supporting RMCARD202/RMCARD205 interface. It presents itself to the computer as a serial port accessible working at 2400,N,8,1 using a simple protocol. Some available commands are in table below.

Command Description
D Current information (voltage, frequency, load, battery percentage, status...)
P4 Model information
S Shutdown
S00R0007 Shutdown and restart in 7 minutes
T Test battery
DL Deep test battery

Card has been tested with the following UPS devices:

Please note this board is not a stand-alone device but requires CyberPower UPS to function. It exposes UPS' internal serial interface and it's not supported by PowerPanel or any other similar CyberPower-provided tooling.

Package Content

1x PCB
1x Back cover
2x 100 nF capacitor (0805)
2x 470 nF capacitor (0805)
6x 1 kΩ resistor (0805)
2x LED (0805)
1x Serial interface IC
1x Voltage regulator IC
2x Optocoupler IC
1x USB connector

Each 0805 component has one extra, just in case. :)

Doesn't include USB A to B cable.

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