About Website (December 2018)

As of 2018 content for this website is hosted on Linode while domains found their home at DreamHost and Plus hosting. After using managed hosting for quite a few years, I was in mood for some freedom.

For a while now I use WordPress - a very faulty software. For one it runs on PHP, probably biggest nonsense there is. And it stores everything in MySQL, barely a database. But somehow everything fits together. Tried many other content management systems (including using my own for quite a while) but WordPress still fits me the best.

Theme on this blog is Suffusion. That theme has lot of options, and options, and options. Sometime it gets annoying to fit everything together. But once you set everything it just works and looks nice. They do say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well this one looks very good in my eyes. The only unfortunate issue is lack of further development due to some issues with WordPress.org. :(

I use several plugins on this site and list changes with time. As of January 2018 I have: