About website (January 2018)

Up until recently this site has been hosted by Plus hosting, a small and agile web hosting company based in Croatia. I was with them since 2005 and there was not a single time I waited more than an hour for an answer. That includes even me bugging them on Christmas. While shared hosting might not be the fastest one out there, it is fast enough and there is no bandwidth limit. While I still use them for hosting, I don't use them for these pages any more.

As of 2016 I use DreamHost for hosting web content and I've been using them for DNS hosting quite a long time before. It is hard to say how good it will be, but so far it looks excellent.

For long time I was using custom CMS engine that I personally built. And then I met WordPress. It is very faulty software. For one it runs on PHP, probably biggest nonsense there is. And it stores everything in MySQL, barely a database. But somehow everything fits together. I would not change it for anything else.

Theme on this blog is Suffusion. That theme has lot of options, and options, and options. Sometime it gets annoying to fit everything together. But once you set everything it just works and looks nice. They do say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well this one looks very good in my eyes.

I use several plugins on this site and list changes with time. When I was writing this, I had: